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The London Fire Brigade has 150 years of experience in the fire and rescue sector. Through the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority’s (LFEPA’S) trading company, London Fire Brigade Enterprises Ltd, your business and staff can benefit from this experience, expertise and knowledge.

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Searched Sign

Within BA intensive incidents where thorough and comprehensive searches of multiple compartments are required, a variety of methods of marking doors/compartments as ‘searched’ have been employed. From RTA chalk-marked doors … more

Community Safety products

LFB Enterprises are able to provide a range of community safety and engagement products tailored for your organisation and location.  Products include … more

Global events

To host a global event safely, the planning needs to encompass multi-agency prevention, delivery and response considerations, including worst-case scenarios. London Fire Brigade has … more

Fire Service related issues

We also provide consultancy on a range of fire service-related issues such as … more

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Meet Sherlock, the fire brigade dog with a nose for saving lives. Paul the firefighter and Sherlock have investigated hundreds of the most dangerous fire scenes and with Sherlock’s nose for identifying causes of fire, they are constantly working to keep Londoners safe. This is their heart-warming story which shines a light on the extraordinary work of the London Fire Brigade.
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