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Community Safety Products

LFB Enterprises are able to provide a range of community safety and engagement products tailored for your organisation and location.  Products include:

Mental Health awareness packages

Working with our training partner, Babcock International and MIND, the mental health charity, the London Fire Brigade created two mental health awareness packages for staff, which can be tailored to suit other public and emergency services.

      • The Mental Health Computer Based Training (CBT) package is designed to support resilience and self-awareness across all staff groups, prevent stigma and raise understanding of mental health issues and how they impact upon us, our families, friends and the people we work with. Its modular structure means it can be tackled in self-managed sessions. The package will support organisational wellbeing strategies and commitments to self-care programmes.
      • The Mental Health watch training package is designed to support face-to-face delivery of training sessions with operational firefighting staff, to reduce the stigma around mental illness and to raise awareness of the fire safety concerns which should be considered when delivering home safety visits. Using materials and information based on LFB experience, crews consider scenarios and have a facilitated discussion about what the fire safety risks to an individual might be dependent upon the symptoms they are displaying e.g. memory loss, and what action they might take to make that person safer.

LIFE Youth Engagement blueprint

The LIFE (Local Intervention Fire Education) course offers 14 to 17 year olds the opportunity to learn a range of skills while working directly with firefighters. The programme is an intensive four or five day course where young people learn the job of a firefighter. Based in a local fire station, participants take part in a range of activities including casualty rescue techniques and using breathing apparatus equipment. Launched in Tower Hamlets in 2002, as a response to antisocial behaviour against LFB firefighters, the LIFE scheme now operates in all London boroughs and has engaged with more than 12,000 young people. Young people who complete a LIFE course leave feeling motivated with a new sense of direction and aspirations for the future. In a survey of LIFE participants, 100% of young people said they were “positively impacted” by the course. London Fire Brigade Enterprises offer the LIFE blueprint to other fire and rescue services through a license agreement, setting out everything you need to know to successfully run your own LIFE programme, supported by the tried and tested lesson plans, risk assessments and guidance created over nearly 15 years’ of experience.

The Hoarding Fire Safety package

The Hoarding Fire Safety package was created following a spate of firefighter injuries and rising awareness of the prevalence of hoarding, including its inclusion in the respected journal, Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition (DSM-5). London Fire Brigade worked with the charity Help for Hoarders to understand the challenges faced by people living in hoarded homes and created this fire safety training package for firefighters, to demystify and reduce the stigma associated with hoarding disorder. The package was used to educate front line personnel and to assist them in making appropriate choices when carrying out home visits to a hoarded home. The aim is to reduce stress on the resident(s) and to create a home environment that is safer from fire. This familiarisation package is now available to local authorities and fire services.

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