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Searched Sign

Within BA intensive incidents where thorough and comprehensive searches of multiple compartments are required, a variety of methods of marking doors/compartments as ‘searched’ have been employed. From RTA chalk-marked doors to tennis balls attached by a piece of string, incident commanders have had to be creative in finding a solution which will save time and create efficiency when it is urgently required.

The Searched sign has been researched and developed by the London Fire Brigade to create something readily available and tangible that assists in creating a comprehensive search strategy.

Designed to be used on doors of all types of construction regardless of the opening mechanism, the Searched sign gives crews a visual confirmation that the room has been searched and is clear, removing doubt and allowing crews to continue. The research and development of this product has created a lightweight and re-usable plastic sign manufactured with a fold, which offers the user a variety of hanging options regardless of locking mechanism, handle type or quality of door and frame construction.

The Searched sign can be placed on the outside of the door, whether hung from the door handle, from the top of the door, or placed in the access control card slot, to inform other crews and to prevent duplicate searches.

The sign is robust and has been designed to fit into the PPE leggings’ pocket, to be readily available for the BA crew. After the incident the Searched signs can be collected, cleaned if required (warm soapy water) and returned.

The Searched sign enables a more efficient use of resources and culminates in a speedier and more controlled search.

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